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Shahang Vazin general activity includes:


Industrial cranes

Manufacturing all light, medium and heavy duty industrial cranes with capacities ranging from 500 kg to 600 ton.

The cranes can also be equipped with the following additional features :

Monitoring devices


Anti collision devices


Stepless speed controls for bridges and trolleys


Crane remote controls


Special lifting equipment (magnet , vacuum, lifting tongs, etc)


Anti condensation heater for hoists , travelling motors and electric panels


Syncronizing devices for coupling of two or more cranes which are to operate simultaneously.


Crane structures

Manufacturing all types of crane structures including structures for monorails, single girders, double girders, jib cranes, and shipyard cranes.

The crane steel structures are designed and built to comply with AWS AISC, FEM and CMAA standards and The whole process of steel structure is under full control and supervision of Quality Control Department. Q.C. reports are issued and submitted to the customers upon their request.


End carriage

Manufacturing all types of end carriages including over running and under slung with straight and /or curved paths.



A thorough test procedure including mechanical and chemical tests of steel plate, dimensional controlling, welding tests (visual, PT, ultrasonic and radiography tests) is carried out by the Quality Control Department (Q.C.) before the products are handed over to the customer.


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